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Ron & Anne Corzine

To sum things up in the fewest possible words… My life is about my awesome wife Anne, my fantastic family, my faithful friends, good music, great books, fine wine, excellent coffee, and my relationship with God. Also, my dog Huck, the Lone Star State, and Blue Bell ice cream. But not necessarily in that order.

Now the long version…​

I am a BUICK, a Brought Up In Church Kid. I was raised in a preacher’s home. Early on, when names were being called and labels were assigned to individuals, I gave in to “Son of a Preacher”.


My name is Ron Corzine. I was born and raised in a small North Texas town, the sixth of seven children. In December1968 at the age of 19, I married my 16 year-old high school sweetheart.  We have enjoyed 50 years together. We have three children: Philip, Amy and Marlie.  They have given us eight wonderful grandchildren

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I am the grandson of a preacher, son of a preacher, father of a preacher, and friend to many preachers. I, too, am a preacher. Since graduating from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, in 1973, I have been encouraging, motivating and challenging others to dream big, aim high and be the best they can be. I just can’t help myself. It’s my passion. My close friends tell me that I am an  Intentional Encourager.

In 2001, after pastoring in South Texas for twenty-five years and starting 7 churches Anne and I moved to San Antonio where we lived for 16 years. In December 2015 we moved to Fort Worth to be near our youngest daughter and her family.

While we do not actively pastor a church, we pastor pastors and I personally give oversight to numerous churches and ministries. We also travel the world as consultants and friends to other ministers and ministries. We encourage leaders to lead with confidence and boldness. When we not traveling, we enjoy spending time with our grandchildren and just relaxing and rejoicing in all God is doing. 

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